[NEW] Chords Kunci Gitar Prozak - Before We Say Goodbye lyrics Lirik Terjemahan Arti Lagu


When the sun goes down
And all the pieces crumble around
You feel you scream much can’t make a sound
You’ll never make it out alive
Before we say goodbye

[Verse 1]
We’re are on the edge now tell me you can feel the coming
So much left to say before the end before there’s nothing
Hard to put it in words because I know we’re running
Out of time see the signs man its all so numbing
All these tragedies and worldwide calamities humanity panicking scrambling man its insanity
And memories is all we’ll have and all we’ll ever be
So when the curtains fall relax your soul and set it free
No use to fight it cause you can’t press rewind and you can’t change the hands of time
No matter which way you slice it
If the song doesn’t rise then there is no sense in crying and we dissolve back to dust
And enjoy the eternal silence
Where there is no pain no blame no hate inside us
And cord kord chord Prozak - Before We Say Goodbye lyrics kunci gitar there is no shame no rage no acts of violence
No more chains or restrains to enslave or chords Prozak - Before We Say Goodbye lyrics lyrics confide us
Finally free at last


[Verse 2]
I pray for all of you regardless of the god you choosing
And may you find some peace of mind and rest amongst the solitudes
Take comfort and finally understand the magnitudes
To gratitude for the life that has been granted for me and you
Reach your inner pinnacle this is critical no matter how difficult before we diminish the minerals
To put it simple life is an infinite lirik terjemahan arti indonesia Prozak - Before We Say Goodbye lyrics download mp3 symbol of emotions, time and space existing outside your window
So you better find your place in this race and its essential
To conveyed the faith and embrace the days before they dwindle
Without a trace to the grave you will be placed in the middle
Forsaken and laid to waste so shamefully superficial
And its all perspective inclusive collective illusive perception and lucid deception
It seems we are down to nothing all we have left is each other


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