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let me tell you a story
its called tough love

once upon a time there was a girl called sinita
dreaded going home after school cos her dad would mistreat her
her mom was just as bad when she got mad
was more than glad in lend a hand in helping him beat her

sinita used to wear the cloth of her religion
senita used to pray to god thought he was listening
but nuffing was ever changing she couldn’t see a difference
the relationship between her (role) ? became distant
she didnt agree with the fundermental religious views of parents
might as well speaking cord kord chord Plan B - Tough Love lyrics kunci gitar to her jibberis to her was incoherant
she was living in the western world she couldn’t understand
why she couldn’t be like all the western girls
so one day she rebels
walks into a shop and perchases a copy of a bliss magazine for female teenagers
ripped up the plastic wrapper and started filcking through the pages

tough love, tough love I call it hatred
tough love, tough love I call it hatred
they call it tough love, I call it hatred
that’s your flesh your blood that’s sacred

so engrosed in a new found interest
sinita fails to relise the time
before she knows it is a quarter to nine
she shuda bin bak from pray an hour ago
now her parents gunna know she skyved
in the slim hope that they wont
she hides the copy of bliss in the books under her arm and makes her way back home she opens the door to find her mom and dad waiting
the expression on both of their face are (skafing?)
before she has time to think of an excuse he fathers has his hand round her neck like a nuse
so tight he chokes her she drops all her books on the floor apart from the bliss magazine that lands on the sofa
dad cant control his rage
when he sees that the centre page is a boy band posta
“shes posessed by the devil” mother shouts
blaming it all on saiten like it was the only explanation
he grabs siniter by her hair
goes down to the basement hearts raising as if she knows her life is about to be taken
look up into his eyes
look heres what we gunna do
u’ve bin possessed by a demon
n we gunna beat him out of u

siniter cries for help
she sees her mom pick chords Plan B - Tough Love lyrics lyrics up a broomstick
and her dad take off his belt
but its no use cos her brothers and sisters wont listen
so undetered her mom and dad carry out the exorsism

tough love, tough love I call it lirik terjemahan arti indonesia Plan B - Tough Love lyrics download mp3 hatred
tough love, tough love I call it hatred
they call it tough love, I call it hatred
that’s your flesh your blood that’s sacred

for hours they violently torture their daughter beating her to an ince of her life
until its right on the border
they continue to phyiscally (hored)? her
by now siniter has a mental disorder
she no longer cares if she lives or dies
absolutely no more tears left to cry
she see the evilness in their parents eyes
n finks they the ones who need to be exorisised
thats when the rebelious streak complete it intoxicates her sudden energy boost and never seen before her agressive nature
she decides no matter what they are never gunna break her
“go to hell”screams at her dad as he goes to give her another loop of the belt
“go fuck your self” she screams at her mom nowing its only gunna spur her on

now siniter has lost the plot the physical pain aint nuffing compared to the heartache and her heart breaks and it rots.
once it was filled with so much love
now so clogged up with hate that it stops.. beating

she stops breathing
her body’s jst a carcus now, her souls leaving
no more pain no more bleeding
thats gone blow by blow from a severe beating
it takes half a dozen blows to the head to the end
before they finally relise that she is dead
thatss when the door busts open and in come the feds
the neighbors must have called them when they heard the screaming of torment
coming from the basement where seniters dead body lies on the floor blatant
like road kill out on the pavement
its quite clear to the police
that she’s been a victim of a horrific case of physical mutilation

tough love, tough love I call it hatred
tough love, tough love I call it hatred
they call it tough love, I call it hatred
that’s your flesh, your blood that’s sacred

after beening aprehended, siniters parents are asked why her life was brutally ended
they said it was out of love but only hate breaks somma so hard that it cannot be mended
to this day they show no remorse
their idea of parental guidence
would be to always use force
what makes this tale all the more gory
is that this song is based on a true story… tough love

rest in peace what a fucked up world
fucked up shit …?…aint this fucked
itz all fucked

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